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Dear Lajna members of Australia,


I am pleased to know that on the occasion of Lajna Centenary Celebrations, Lajna Imaillah Australia is working on projects of which one is the establishment of Online Ayesha Deenyaat Academy. May Allah bless this initiative and reap pious results. Amin

I have been requested to send a message for the prospectus of this project. My message is that, in our beautiful religion the seeking of knowledge is heavily emphasised. A Hadith states that one should seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave- that is from young age until old age. In another Hadith, the Holy Prophet (saw) stated that the attainment of knowledge is an obligation on every Muslim man and women. Similarly, on another occasion the Holy Prophet (saw) mentioned that whosoever sets upon a journey to seek knowledge, God opens not just the door of knowledge, but also the door of paradise on him.

The Promised Messiah (as) states:

The relationship of a guider and devotee can be understood by the example of a teacher and student. Just as the devotee/disciple reap benefit from their guider, a student also benefits from their teacher. However, if the student does not work to excel and enhance his knowledge- he cannot reap benefit, the same applies to a follower. Hence, one should develop a relation with this community to enhance their knowledge and wisdom. A seeker of truth should not become idle after having reached a level or else the cursed Satan will divert him. Just as still water becomes the source of putridity- similarly if a believer does not try to excel in the matter of faith then he falls. Thus, the work of a seeker of happiness is to continue advancing in the matter of religion. Apart from our Holy Prophet (saw) there existed no man who was so perfect- but even he was informed of the prayer to enhance knowledge "Rabbi Zidni Ilma". So then, who dares to stop their search relying on their limited knowledge and wisdom and feel that he does not need further improvement? As one advances in the journey of knowledge and wisdom- he will only further realise that abundant things still exist which require a solution. (Translated from Tafsir of Holy Quran by The Promised MessiahVol 5 p 293)

It is a great favour of Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah Il upon Ahmadi women that such an Auxiliary was established in which they could highlight their potentials. As a result, they can benefit themselves and others from these skills and potentials.

The starting of the Ayesha Deenyaat Academy by Lajna Imaillah Australia is a very blessed initiative. More and more Lajna members should seek benefit from it. On one occasion, Hazrat Musleh Maud (ra) stated:

Analysing the early days of Islam- it becomes apparent that just as the men spread Islam, the women also played their part. And just as men taught Islam, the women also taught Islam....The Holy Prophet (saw) states that if anyone wants to learn my faith then half of it should be learnt from Ayesha.

Hence, applying the noble characters of holy women from early Islam- you should also seek religious knowledge with great passion and hard work. This way you will become remarkably familiar with the Holy Quran, the various blessed Ahadeeth as well as the literature of the Promised Messiah (as). You will be better to act and implement upon religious teachings and better train and educate your future generations. Furthermore, such religious knowledge will also serve you in the realm of preaching work, and you can answer the questions and criticism of others on solid grounds bravely. May Allah enable you to reap due benefit from this rare opportunity. Amin


Yours sincerely,



Khalifatul Masih V

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